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Afternoon Light

Written by Paige on 10 May 2012.

I did some selfies yesterday.

Self-portraits. Selfies. You heard it here first, ladies and gents.

Anyway...I've been reading and drooling over Elizabeth Messina's book, Luminous Portrait. It's really made me think about light differently. I've always been an advocate for natural light...and now, I'm even more convinced of its power to tell a story or evoke a mood. If you're a photographer, or want to become one, I suggest you pick up a copy! I got mine at B&N but I think it's a wee bit cheaper on Amazon ;-)

I'm about 2/3 into the book, and I'm just overloaded with ideas and inspiration. During one section in the beginning of the book she encourages self-portraits as a way to familiarize yourself with body position + available natural light.

I finally had some time yesterday, and the light coming into my bedroom was beautiful.

I got lightheaded swinging my head around for an hour...so...you better like these ;-)

Germany....oooor Oregon?

Written by Paige on 08 May 2012.

Sooo...yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day with my friend, Amy Seeley. We explored. And we shared conversation over delicious food and beer.

Let me just say that Amy is one of the sweetest and most authentic people I have had the pleasure of knowing. And her laugh is contagious.

I have instagram to thank for crossing our paths. Just one more reason why I love that app.

You know what else? She's an a-ma-zing singer/songwriter. If you know what's good for you, you'll head over to her site and get lost in her lyrics and melodies :-)

Anyway, yesterday was perfect for exploring. The sun was shining, the sky was clear, and the breeze was cool. Amy drove us up this mountain a bit, then we got out and hiked the rest of the way up. And by hike, I mean casually walk about 10 minutes. Once we got to the top, the trees cleared and it was the most spectacular view of Mt. Hood I've ever seen. It was like - BAM - in your face. I felt like I could reach out and scoop up a handful of snow. The pictures do not do it justice. Not only was the view beautiful, but the hillside we walked on was covered in wild flowers. And the valley below was speckled with farms and vineyards. I literally felt like I was in the movie, The Sound of Music. No joke.

I tried to capture to gloriousness that was this view. Enjoy :-)

[this first one is a HDR]

Government Cove...and some Film

Written by Paige on 03 May 2012.

A few weekends ago...the one where it was actually sunny and warm...Michael, Blue and I took a drive towards the Gorge. I had recently seen images online somewhere of Government Cove and I just HAD to see it. With the windows down and flip flops on (yes) we headed east.

I wasn't sure what to expect, or if we could even find this place.

Turns out, this awesome location is literally right off the freeway and during sunset it MIGHT just be one of the prettiest things you'll ever see. Honest.

Luckily for us, we picked a bangin' location for our first roll of film. WhoOp!

Yep...we got an old Olympus ompc 35mm camera from my parents...it was their first camera as a married couple and they just weren't using it, so I asked if I could have it. Michael and I were super eager to test it out.

I'll start you off with some digital images from the trusty ol' mark II...enjoy :-)))

These last few frames were shot on film, using some KODAK Gold 200 that we had lying around...aaaaand I loaded it wrong the first time. Oops. We had no idea if these were going to turn out because my dad had told us he wasn't sure if the camera was even working still. PLUS...this was all manual focus, and that makes me nervous ;-)

Basically, we crossed our fingers, and hoped to get lucky. I was SO happy to receive the scans back and to see that they were actually pleasant to look at! Woo HOO! I'm definitely eager to learn more about film photography and hopefully phase it into the business. I'd love to hear some feedback from any film shooters!

Lincoln City, Oregon

Written by Paige on 02 May 2012.

The past 3 days I had the pleasure of spending time with some new friends at a gorgeous beach house in Lincoln City, Oregon. The coolest part was...we're all photographers...soooo, you can imagine what our conversations centered around :-)


Coffee. Food. Relaxation. Wine. Beer. Hot tubbing (in the rain). And sharing, encouraging, & questioning all KINDS of photography topics. It was great.

Making new friends is always fun, but having such a huge common interest with multiple gals is pretty rad. I've actually never had any friends with a shared interest in photography...sooo...yeah. I was pumped.

Anyway...the view from our beach house was pretty priceless. Even with the gloomy skies and rain, it was killer. So, please enjoy the only pictures I managed to capture all weekend.

[view from the left]

[view from the center]

[view from the right]

I took a bit more with my iPhone. So if you're on instagram, you can check 'em out...or view my stream right here :-)))


Written by Paige on 19 April 2012.

Well...you wouldn't know it today, but I *think* spring has arrived in Portland. I'm sure we have a lot more rain and a bit of coldness still to avoid, but I've definitely enjoyed smelling all the flowers when I walk outside.

Anyway...these photos aren't anything special, but they were wicked fun for me to play around with because not only did I upgrade to LR4...buuuut...I purchased VSCO. Wooooo HOO! Man, it's going to make editing a LOT easier. Now I'll never have to leave Lightroom...

I'm pumped about some upcoming shoots...so stay tuned!

Featured | Amy Atlas | Moment Junkie

Written by Paige on 02 April 2012.

So last week was AWESOME. I was featured on not one, but TWO blogs. So rad.

A big thanks to Amy Atlas for picking up my shoot with One Divine Party. This was a super fun, spring shoot and it looked b-e-a-utiful on Amy's blog. Check out the full post here. WARNING: it will make you crave sugar.


My second feature was on Moment Junkie which has recently become one of my favorite sites -- really, who ISN'T a "moment junkie"?? A big thanks to the awesome people over there for picking up my photo from Kristin & Travis' Wedding. You can view the post here.



Cupcakes in the City & Spring Fashion Show

Written by Paige on 20 March 2012.

This sweet little event took place at Joy's Uptown Style which boasts the best Mother of the Bride dresses in Oregon, and is located in downtown Portland. The fashion show highlighted some of Joy's newest spring items, with some of her best clients as the attendees. There was a delicious dessert table set up by the talented Amy from One Divine Party and graphics by Morgan from Knot & Feather, both complimented by beautiful floral design from Rosemary Stafford to remind us that it is Spring, regardless of how grey and cold it is outside. Shooting this made me nostalgic because Joy's shop reminds me of a boutique back in Virginia that I used to frequent for prom dresses during high school. That was a loooong time ago. Anyway, I digress. Here are some images from the day. I love how bright the dessert table was!

If you're planning a wedding (or any event!) in Portland and you're looking for a sweet and fun event stylist, I would recommend Amy @ One Divine Party.
If you need super creative engagement announcements and wedding invites, get in touch with Morgan @ Knot & Feather now!
If you need beautiful flower arrangements, hit up Rosemary @ Rosemary Stafford Floral Design asap.
You won't be disappointed :-)



Exploring Oregon | Part One

Written by Paige on 19 March 2012.

Exploring Oregon.

That's what we do on the weekends. From here on out, until I know Oregon like I know Virginia, that's what we'll do.

This past weekend we tried to check out Timothy Lake which sits on the eastern part of the Cascade Mountains. I wanted to see it because on a clear day it reflects Mt. Hood perfectly. And that sounds amazing. BUT we didn't plan for a snowstorm on our way over the mountain range. I guess that's common? Anyway, it got pretty bad and we didn't have chains for our tires, AND we just wrecked in a snow storm a few months back and it was getting a little too familiar, so we turned around. We didn't come home with emtpy CF cards though. We stopped off on a trail on our way back down to safety and romped around in the woods for a bit. Here's what we ended up with.